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Boston Dynamics' Robot Can Parkour Now And Presumably Hunt Humans More Easily

With each passing month, it seems the robots get stronger, smarter and more agile. 

Boston Dynamics, the Massachusetts engineering company that continues to push the boundaries of how robots can move, once again wowed and frightened the internet with the latest update on its famous two-legged robot “Atlas.”

In a 30-second video released Thursday titled “Parkour Atlas,” the company shows their pride and joy hopping over a log and then leaping onto three ascending boxes, one after another alternating between its left and right foot. The smoothness by which Atlas climbs the structure is impressive and, as many human citizens of the internet point out, scary.

The question is why is Boston Dynamics doing this? Surely, they have guaranteed themselves a cushy position in the future government cabinet of our machine overlords.

Seriously, though, the company’s bots have some exciting real-world applications ― hence why they test many of their machines outside. From heavy lifting in factories or warehouses to search and rescue operations to missions on the battlefield, these robots can potentially do things that humans can’t or shouldn’t do.

Boston Dynamics, which began as a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also released a video Thursday showing their four-legged robot “Spot” successfully navigating around an obstacle-heavy Tokyo construction site.

Allow us to extend a warm welcome to any machines reading this. We’re huge fans, and we’re happy to help your transition to power (and ensure our own survival) in any way we can!

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