Ariana Grande Might Be In Tattoo Trouble, But At Least She Has Jokes

Ariana Grande might have no tears left to cry, but she has some jokes left to make regarding her recent tattoo debacle.

The pop star found herself on the wrong side of the tattoo pen not once but twice this week when she attempted to commemorate the release of her new single “7 Rings” in ink. 

After accidentally having the Japanese word for a small charcoal grill tattooed on her palm, the “Sweetener” singer tried to fix the error but somehow ended up making it worse. The body art now somewhat hilariously translates to “small charcoal grill finger heart.”

The internet, of course, took immediate notice of the double mishap, with many roasting her for getting a tattoo in a language she doesn’t read or speak and others criticizing her for using a culture not her own purely for aesthetic purposes. 

Grande, for what it’s worth, seems to be taking the criticism in stride, poking fun at her mistakes along the way. 

On Thursday, she proved she’s not afraid to be the butt of a joke in a Twitter exchange with TMZ over a report that she has been sued by an artist claiming that imagery from her music video for “God Is a Woman” was stolen from him. 

When TMZ misspelled her name, she retweeted its post and added, “who ariane.” 

A savvy TMZ social media team member quickly hit back with a playful jab at Grande’s ham-fisted foray into Japanese. 

“Guess Japanese isn’t the only language that’s tough to master,” that person wrote. 

Instead of taking the dig to heart, Grande waved the white flag and responded, “touché   i’d shake ur hand rn if i could.” 

Grande previously explained that she’d left out characters from the initial tattoo because the inking process “hurt like f**k” and she couldn’t sit through the entire session. She later revealed that before the new characters were added to her palm, an extremely painful area of the body to tattoo, a doctor administered lidocaine shots to that area. 

The Nickelodeon alum also insisted that she found TMZ’s shade funny, saying that it made her giggle. 

And, hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, how in hell are you going to laugh at anybody else? 

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