Cloud services like Dropbox, Box , Gmail and Salesforce are rapidly being adopted by organizations and employees in regulated industries. If you’re working in the healthcare, financial or legal industry, chances are that your organization already has a significant number of employees using these services.

We believe these cloud services are the future of enterprise software. They are very simple to set up and use. They facilitate collaboration and mobility. They seamlessly let employees access their data where they need it and when they need it. And they are very secure.

Yep, that’s right. Cloud services are very secure. In fact, popular cloud services are probably much more secure than any traditional software applications.  Cloud applications get upgraded on a daily or hourly basis, which makes them much more robust and bug-free than most software you install and run on a physical server. Finally, these services lose billions of dollars if they get compromised, so they are highly incentivized to keep your data safe.

So you might ask: why is everyone so worried about cloud security?

The problem is not that the cloud services are insecure, but that their convenience and great user experience significantly increases the risk of users making mistakes.

Case in point.

Imagine you’re working in a medical practice. Your doctors start using a file sharing service (e.g., Box, Dropbox, ShareFile, Egnyte). Each one of the doctors syncs 10,000 files that contain protected health information (PHI) into the cloud.

Since they want to access all their files on the go, they also sync the files on 5 different devices (laptops, phones, tablets), and share a few folders with colleagues working in other organizations, who in turn sync the files to even more devices. The end result: hundreds and thousands of individual devices containing thousands of health records each.

The biggest risk is not that the cloud service will get hacked and all your data will be stolen, but rather that one of your employees will lose one of their unencrypted devices or accidentally share files with an unauthorized individual. In short, the cloud makes it a lot easier and more likely to lose 10,000 patient records.

Sookasa is a cloud compliance solution that effectively reduces the liability of organizations that adopt cloud services, by eliminating the threats posed by lost devices and user mistakes.

Since Sookasa encrypts, audits, and preserves access control to files anywhere they go (or get synced), your organization’s most sensitive data is safe, even if a user loses a device or shares with someone unauthorized.

As an administrator, you can revoke access in real-time, to any user or device. You can also track exactly which files have been exposed, in case of an incident.

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